Dagstuhl Seminar

19171.01.l22. – 26. April 2019 the Dagstuhl seminar, I co-organized, on Ethics and Trust: Principles, Verification and Validation in AI and robotics took place. It was a great experience and a really fruitful discussion wrt trustworthy human-robot interaction and machine ethics. Interdisciplinary discourse between computer scientists, philosophers, and roboticists at its best.

„Dagstuhl Seminars are frequently praised by participants as the most productive academic events they have ever experienced. This can be attributed to Dagstuhl’s unique concept: Dagstuhl seminars promote personal interaction and open discussion of results as well as ideas. Unlike at most conferences, the focus is not solely on the presentation of established results but to equal parts on results, ideas, sketches, and open problems. Dagstuhl offers one of Germany’s most comprehensive research libraries for computer science, meeting rooms of all sizes, and modern IT facilities. It has earned a reputation as Informatics Capital throughout the world.“ – https://www.dagstuhl.de/en/program/dagstuhl-seminars/