RO_MAN2021: 2 papers

RO_MAN2021 was fully virtual this year, but I have to say it was a very pleasant experience. On the one hand, I am just getting used the these virtual conference formats, on the other hands there were really some exciting and insightful papers this year and I love having all this videos available to get a quick overview!

I presented one full paper on the outcome of the SharedSpace project. You can watch the video here: and I was also lucky that I could discuss insights with Andrew Stout who worked for Anki before! My provocative suggestion, resulting from the SharedSpace project: What if the adoption process of companion robots does not significantly differ from any other technology? Maybe in the ned robots ware not that special …

My PhD student Glenda Hannibal also got a paper accepted on her theoretical concept and empirical study on the situated nature of trust in HRI. Also a very recommended read!