Caring Robots / Robotics Care 2022-2027

FWF #Connecting Minds program: Caring Robots /Robotics Care

  • 5-years project, starts in 2022
  • 2 universities, 2 practice partners.
  • Key researcher Human-Robot Interaction

Our goal is to develop and implement novel and desirable roles of robotic technology that proof useful, safe, meaningful, and wanted. We aim for a participatory, open and reflective design process that involves a broad range of stakeholders from the care sector, with the ultimate goal to create desirable technological futures of care rather than merely acceptable ones. The gained insights shall contribute to a novel ethically aligned design approach for robotic care technology.

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Weiss, Astrid; Spiel, Katta

Robots beyond Science Fiction: mutual learning in human--robot interaction on the way to participatory approaches Artikel

In: AI & SOCIETY, S. 1–15, 2021.