PEEM 2010-2013

FFG project PEEM

Persuasive End-user Energy Management
  • 2.5-years project, started in 2010
  • involving the ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg, CURE, and Salzburg AG
  • Principal investigator and leader of the ICT&S group in the project (2 workpackages)

Within the PEEM project a persuasive ambient display that should help users reducing their energy consumption was developed – the FORE-Watch. The FORE-Watch was also developed following a user-centered design approach. In the requirement phase we performed co-design workshops which revealed the persuasive strategies and the conceptual design for the display. After the implementation of the FORE-Watch, we performed a 7-month in situ study in 24 multi-person households. We compared two different forecast views, proving that a more dynamic forecast presentation leads to more sustainable behaviour changing effects than a more static forecast which showed good results in the beginning of the trials, but decreased in impact over time.

Related Publications

Kluckner, P. M., Weiss, A., Schrammel, J., and Tscheligi, M. Exploring Persuasion in the Home: Results of a Long-Term Study on Energy Consumption Behavior. In: AmI2013: 4th International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence(2013), pp.150-165. Best Paper Award Winner

Schrammel, J., Gredenitsch, C., Kluckner, P.,Weiss, A., and Tscheligi M., FORE-Watch – The clock that tells you when to use: Persuading users to align their energy consumption with green power availability. In AmI2011: Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (2011), pp.157-166.